We offer a full and competitive cleaning and repair service on all kind and sizes of rugs. It is advisable to have your rug professionally cleaned approximately every 5 years.
With the highest degree of expertise and care our expert repairers carry out the restoration of valuable and antique rugs. Restoration and repairs can be anything from simply securing edges or fringes thereby preventing further erosion, right through to re-weaving holes and damaged areas of pile.
Before we clean your carpet or rug we first carefully examine and assess the appropriate procedure. Dye stability tests are done, then a careful hand cleaning method will be used to clean dust, grit and minor stains. This should then bring your carpet or rug back to its natural shine and beauty.
How to care for your rugs
Vacuum your rug regularly, but it will last longer if you vacuum it in the direction of the pile and avoid vacuuming the fringes.
If you spill any fluid on your rug, try not to rub across colors. Just try to soak up the liquid with a white dry cloth. Avoid spreading the liquids around.
Do not be tempted to throw on anything like salt/soap powder, washing liquids etc on it.